3 - 5 Sept 16  Closed Labour Day
30 Sept 16  Color Belt Testing
8 - 10 Oct 16  Closed Thanksgiving Day
28 Oct 16  Color Belt Testing

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The most important fact about Taekwondo is that it is not only a superior art of self-defense, but of the mind as well. It gives its practitioners self-confidence that provides an advantage over opponents. With its practical means of self defense, its complete regiment of physical conditioning, and its aid to improved concentration and mental performance, Taekwondo offers a total fitness program integrating body, mind and spirit.
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2015 Tiger Challenge

Welcome to our 14th Annual Tiger Challenge, to be held on Saturday, November 21st at Concordia University in Edmonton!

Taekwondo is an ancient Korean art of self-defense, which combines physical prowess with mental and emotional discipline. The literal translation of the term from Korean to English defines the art clearly: Tae means foot (kicking), Kwon means hand (punching) and Do is the Korean word for art.

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